Time Management

                   Time Management

Time Management is an art

1).first of all set the goals and do work for achieving those goals, time management is a art  if you learn how it manages then  life will become easy and you can do anything on time.

2).start your day with work which is  more important and that help in achieving your goals then do works which is less important Respect your time and make this Respected.

3).Time is most important so don't waste your time ,use timer and do every work on time time is your most valuable and abundant resources it is something  that you can invest today for your future self tomorrow. 

4).In our surroundings more distractions and noises irritate us but our main goal is that we avoid every distractions and focus only on important things  and works. 

5).work on those things that increases your skills, knowledge this all gives you motivation in your life to do good work and never give up in life make new habits make a planing what should you do and what is important work in your life. 

6).before going to bed think what you do next day and in morning  make a planing of full one day and according to that planing do your work  make the distance from that people those  hijack your time. 

7).stay focused set reminder and avoid multiple tasks do one work first perfectly and then after do another things if you do multitasking their may be chance of mistakes so avoid multitasking. 

8).Make one year planing what you want to achieve in one year like you want to lose 5,6 kg in one year and for this you should do exercise and gym ,so make a planing first and do the work on that planing. 

9).if you learn how manages the time then you handle all problems that comes in your life and you do more things in one with manage your time and people will be interested  to know how you manage your time. 

10).One second is also very important in one second something went to be happen so know the importance of time and respect your time and another's time also.

        Thanks to my all friends ❤

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