Role of healthy foods

 Role of healthy foods and       healthy habits 

Healthy foods 

1).Egg are good for health and for healthy blood circulation it improves brain functions and promotes better sleep eggs are full of antioxidants it make you happy and healthy eggs ,improve strength  bones and teeth day contain amino acids and and with means which very important for our body boiled x very beneficial for our body we should add in our breakfast atleast 2 boiled eggs

2).fruits benefits of apples, apples reduce cholesterol and remove toxins from body and control weight reduce diabetes problems and another health problems maintain a healthy heart strengthen immunity, improve eyesight relieve muscle tension improve brain function Bananas reduce depression and give energy to our body. 

3).juices of fruits is one of the richest sources of vitamins carrot juice and beetroot juice are very beneficial for our glowing skin and body protects eye health and raise the immune system. Beetroot are are good for glowing skin 

4). Coconut water prevents dehydration this is useful for weight loss coconut water prevents kidney stones improve digestion system coconut water Detoxifies the the body this is is also so very beneficial for glowing skin.if we drink more Coconut water then skin become more attractive and glowing. 

5).Healthy habits always healthy foods and avoid fast foods and more sweets drink more water and do exercise daily at least 30 minutes that food in which less amount of oil and it should not be more spicy add sellers in your foods. Don't drink More cold drinks like Limca Coca Cola Fanta keep always keep clean your hands and clothes your room's houses.

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