Benefits of eating bananas

Hello friends, in this post today, we will tell you what are the benefits of eating bananas and at what time eating bananas is more beneficial for us. Friends, there are many benefits of eating bananas, but for these benefits, we have to take care of proper time. If we eat bananas at that appropriate time then we get a lot of benefits.

Benefits of eating bananas


Talk to friends, if you eat bananas then there are many benefits of eating bananas which are the following.

Digestive system- Friends, eating bananas keeps our digestion process right, the food eaten quickly digests and provides more and more energy to our body.

 Protein- Friends, all of you will be aware that bananas have high amount of protein, because of this we get excessive protein by eating here, due to which there is no lack of protein inside our body.

Increases hunger- Friends, if you talk about hunger by eating bananas, then hunger increases by eating bananas, yes friends, if you take milk with bananas, you may feel more hungry, you will feel more hungry.

 Weight gain- Friends, what we do not do to increase our weight, but do you know if we eat two or three bananas per day, our weight will start to increase by itself, yes friends, so everyday people definitely take banana in their breakfast. .
Keeps the stomach cool- Friends, if we eat bananas, then our digestive system remains healthy, along with it, if any illiterate food causes stomach upset or stomach heat, then we should eat bananas. What happens when we eat bananas that our stomach cools.

Source of Aryan- Banana is high in iron. If someone has anemia, if he eats for two or more daily, then he can get rid of this disease.

Magnesium content- Bananas are high in magnesium, due to which if a person eats banana, his brain remains cool and he also gets good sleep.
Increases the amount of hemoglobin - Friends, eating bananas increases the amount of hemoglobin inside our body.

 Beneficial in blood pressure- Friends, blood pressure alone is more beneficial for blood pressure patients, blood pressure patients should eat banana daily. Highly beneficial for patients with high BP.
Growth of the body- By eating bananas, the growth of the body is also very fast, whose length is not increasing, if he eats banana daily, then his chances of increasing his physical growth and length are increased.
Friends, till now we have known what are the benefits of eating bananas, now we will know at what time it is appropriate to eat bananas, if you eat alone at the right time, then it will be more beneficial for you, friends, if you eat bananas in the morning then it is good for you. thing is But bananas should be eaten in the afternoon instead of morning, this will also digest our lunch and our body will feel that according to research it is considered appropriate to eat bananas in the afternoon and some people eat bananas at night while sleeping but if you do If you do, then you may have to face a lot of trouble because if you eat alone at night while sleeping, then banana can be harmful for you. At this time you may have bad fever, cold, etc.

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